One Simple Tip for Improving Your Resume

If you are in the process of looking for a new job, transitioning into a new career, or simply revamping your resume, you are undoubtedly familiar with the countless articles detailing “Steps to a Better Resume!” or “Get Your Resume Noticed Now!”  These articles are often a rehash of the similar tips and pointers that you found in each previous article you read.

By now, you’re probably looking for something a little more helpful.  Something a little more concise and effective.  Something a little NEW.

In my 20 years of Recruiting experience, there is one common theme I see in what separates a “good resume” from an “EXCELLENT resume”.  This common theme is the basis for my “One Simple Tip for Improving Your Resume.”

Here it is:   Don’t tell me “what you’ve done”; tell me “how you did it and how well you’ve done it”.

I’ll provide an example.

John works at the local Ford dealership.  John is looking for a new job and he is putting together his resume.  John’s resume states that he:

  • Maintains knowledge of vehicles
  • Builds relationships with potential customers on the lot
  • Sells vehicles
  • Reaches out to customers by phone and internet

These duties would seem pretty straightforward and what you might expect for a car salesman.  But here’s the problem with those 4 bullet points.  They don’t tell you if John is any good at his job!  Additionally, based on this resume, John sounds like every other car salesman!

By focusing on how good John performs his duties, he could transform his resume from “average” to “exceptional”.  Here’s what John’s resume would look like following my resume building strategy:

  • Mastered the knowledge of 37 different vehicles to include 24 cars and 13 trucks, encompassing 116 different levels of trim and options. Additionally, maintain excellent knowledge base of used vehicle inventory.
  • Exceed my client development goals by 14% in the last quarter; built a relationship with 167 potential clients by using superior courtesy, customer service and attention to detail.
  • Ranked #3 out of 13 sales people on our lot; show consistent ability to sell vehicles across all models, years, package options etc. Achieved my sales quota 7 months in a row.
  • Created a unique customer contact plan, which is now used throughout our dealership. Utilized creative marketing and sales techniques to include reaching customers by phone, social media, email, direct mail and more.  Developed a strong referral base by treating current customers with top-notch professionalism and providing a pleasant shopping experience.

The hardest part of finding a new job is simply getting noticed.  It has been said, and I can confirm, that the average resume is reviewed for less than 7 seconds.  This resume strategy goes a long way towards giving you a chance to show that potential employer what you can do!

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