The Master Resume

Any job seeker knows that every job description is different, even for jobs with the same or similar titles.  Of course, job descriptions for completely different jobs are going to focus on entirely different skills and required experience.

Why, then, am I taking time to point out the obvious?  Because as a Recruiter, I cannot count how many times an applicant has submitted the same resume for multiple (different) jobs.  One eager individual submitted the same resume for three different positions in accounting, sales and insurance claims.  Any resume that catches my attention for one of those positions is highly unlikely to do so for the other two!

Your odds of being noticed for a position are greatly improved when you submit a specific, relevant resume.  I submit a unique resume for nearly every position to which I apply.  The questions then become “How do I make sure that I am highlighting my most appropriate and relevant experience as it pertains to this job for which I am applying?” and “Am I supposed to rewrite my resume every single time I apply for a job?”

I have one simple solution for both of those questions.  I call it the “Master Resume”.

A Master Resume is one LONG resume that illustrates ALL of your experience.  This resume would be much too long to submit to a job, and would likely not be specific or focused enough to catch the reader’s attention anyhow.   But it is the building block for every resume you’ll ever need.

I use my own resume and professional career as an example.  I have worked for over 15 years in recruiting.  I have recruited for positions in accounting and finance, manufacturing, human resources, IT, sales and marketing, healthcare and more.  Additionally, I have performed many tasks in areas of human resources to include new hire orientations, background checks and drug tests, terminations and performance reviews.  I also have a strong background in sales, business development, prospecting etc.

The problem lies in crafting a resume that is specific and relevant to each position to which I apply.  When applying for a position that specializes solely on recruiting accounting professionals, I do not need to highlight my experience in sales or conducting new hire orientations.

My master resume is (literally) 4 pages long.  It has over 120 bullet points highlighting my experience and accomplishments spanning over a decade.  Aside from being so long, it looks like any other resume.  When I apply for a position, I simply save a new copy of this master resume and delete the bullet points that are not relevant to the job description.  Additionally, it is easy to then reorder the remaining skills and experience so that the most relevant is listed first.  I literally compare the job description to my resume and put my most relevant experience first.

Earlier I posed the question ““Am I supposed to rewrite my resume every single time I apply for a job?”

The answer is “YES!”.  And utilizing your Master Resume, it should take you less than 5 minutes each time you do so.