Two Tips For Maintaining an Effective, Professional Resume

Keep It Current!

If you were contacted about a job opportunity today, would you be prepared to send a current, updated resume to a potential employer? If not, how long would it take you to bring your resume into a current format?

In today’s market, smart professionals utilize social media and networking to keep their finger on the pulse of the economy.  As a professional Recruiter, I use these tools to contact these same professionals about potential career opportunities.  But here’s the thing-these people are often not actively searching for work when I contact them.

Today, being ready for a surprise opportunity can be the difference between
landing the job and missing out.  If a Hiring Manager has to wait for your
resume, she’s looking for the next resume!

Keep It Honest!

This sounds like a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, it is advice that many job seekers need to be reminded of.  According to a recent study conducted by, among others, the Society of Human Resource Managers, over half of all resumes contain falsehoods.

Common falsehoods include: Lying about dates of employment to make yourself seem “more stable”, or inflating your duties or responsibilities.

There are multiple reasons as to why job-seekers might do this.  However, there are only a few consequences of having these falsehoods discovered, and none of them are good!  Today, most employers pursue some combination of professional reference checks, criminal and professional background checks, drug tests, educational transcript verification, and more.

It was recently reported that that David Tovar, former Walmart Vice President of Communications, resigned because a nearly 20 year-old falsehood on his resume was discovered.  Mr. Tovar claimed that he earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delaware.  After 8 years of employment with Walmart, it was discovered that he never graduated.  In recent years, similar instances have occurred with executives from companies such as Yahoo and Radio Shack.

It is more likely than ever that lying on your resume will be discovered.  It simply is not worth the risk!

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