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Free Consultation

In addition to resumes, ERP offers services to include: cover letters, reference checks and more. Call today at (760) 583-0454 for a free consultation.

Why choose Elite Resume Partners?

I have over fifteen years of recruiting, customer service and resume writing experience.  I have worked with job seekers at all levels in a variety of roles to include:

  • Entry-Level Manufacturing
  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • C-Level Executive positions and more.

I have worked with companies seeking employees in multiple industries to include education, financial services, international shipping, sports equipment manufacturing, non-profit, and more.

However, my customer service background is what truly sets your experience with Elite Resume Partners apart from any other resume writing service.  I can write your resume for you, but I prefer to write your resume with you.  My happiest clients are those that take the time to work with me.  Give me the opportunity to help you maximize your experience, skills and what you bring to a workplace.  To do that, we need to work together.  We are “Elite Resume Partners” for a reason.

How do you charge your clients?  By the hour or by the resume?

We have flexible pricing options for all clients.  For example, some clients simply want their resume re-written or re-formatted without much one on one consultation.  Others, however, prefer a lengthy one on one consultation and a process by which we build your resume together (this is the most productive option, but does take the most time and the highest cost.)

What other options or services do you offer?

Elite Resume Partners knows that possessing a strong resume is just one part of finding your next career.  To find that dream job, you’ll need know where to look.  Once you’re there, you need to interview well and that starts with thorough preparation.  When you nail the interview, you’ll be best served by having excellent references.  ERP can assist you with all of these topics, and more.  Please click on the “Resume Services” and “Other Services” tabs above.

How fast can we get this done?

Providing you with a personalized and customizable experience is our goal.  Depending on your needs and availability, we can get your resume done in 24 hours.  Other needs may take longer.  In short, I work with you to craft the best plan of attack.  We are flexible!

How do you work with your clients? Do you consult by phone or just online?

As with many options that I offer, this is up to you!  Many clients ask me to simply re-do a resume based on the information they send me.  I am happy to do so.

Truthfully, however, the best resumes come from a collaborative effort on the part of the client and myself.  I want to truly understand what you’ve done and accomplished in your career.  I want you to help me illustrate just why you are special and why any job seeker would be lucky to speak with you!

Options range from no verbal communication with the client to regular, extended conversations in which we work together to format the best possible resume for you.