Interview Preparation

This is your chance to toot your own horn and truly shine!  Now, how do you prepare?  What questions should you be prepared to answer? What questions should you ask?  What are behavioral vs opinion interview questions?  Have you done your research?  What do I do AFTER my interview?  Let us help you nail your interview!  (ERP is happy to offer this service both as a “general” service and based on a specific job for which you are interviewing.)

Check References

Congratulations!  If you’ve made it this far, your resume worked and you interviewed like a superstar!  At this point, your new employer would like to hear good things about you from a previous boss.  Don’t jeopardize your new position; ensure that you are using only the best references.   Elite Resume Partners will call on your behalf and check references for you, ensuring that your new boss is only hearing good things about you!

Career Advice & Strategies

Today, it seems as if there are a thousand-and-one ways to find a job.  And there are!  What are you doing to find a job?  Are you utilizing the best search engines?  How are you identifying the individuals you should reach out to? What’s your communication strategy?  Allow ERP to help you define and implement your Job Search Strategy.


Package Deals

  • Receive a 25% discount on a second product with purchase of your first. Discount applies to less expensive product.
  • Receive a free Job Search Strategies consultation with the purchase of Interview Prep and Check References.

Student, Military & Senior Discounts

Student, Recent Graduate, Senior Citizen and Military (active duty or not) clients receive a 25% discount on all services.


Next Steps...

I can write your resume for you, but I prefer to write your resume with you. We are “Elite Resume Partners” for a reason. Call me for a consultation.